💡✍️ ADN #009: Fit Out, Not In

Jan 22, 2023

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Today we will talk about why artists should fit out, not in.

Let’s go.


“Different is the currency of success.”

Imagine you could live two lives.

In one, you spend your career trying to be like everyone else.

In the other, you simply be yourself.

Which sounds better?

Being yourself, of course.

Yet, somehow most artists spend more time comparing than they spend creating.

They spend more time complaining the game is rigged than changing the game.

Here’s the thing…

It’s easier to be like everyone else.

It’s less risky and less scary.

It’s also less honest and less exciting.

Which means the ceiling for success is much lower.

“Resist the urge to do what’s been done before.”

Whatever insecurities you have about being different from everyone else, realize that those are your biggest strengths.

They are your superpowers.


Because the thing about insecurities is we all have them.

People out there feel the same way you do but don't know how to express it; they don't feel like they fit in anywhere.

These are your fans!


Take those insecurities and embrace them.

Squeeze every ounce of weird, crazy, and awesome out of yourself.

Pour gasoline on your wild side and make it wilder.

If you have a crazy idea, ask yourself, “how can I make it crazier?”

The greats don’t fit in; they stand out.

If you do one thing this week, I encourage you to “fit out, not in.”

See you next Sunday!

Neil Mason

Artist Development


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