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adn059 artist development how to how to get rich Jan 07, 2024

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Today, How To Get Rich.

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Give the world what it wants but doesn’t know how to get.

Build a long-term audience and play a long-term game with them.

Create assets that will earn while you sleep.

  • Songs
  • Albums
  • Merchandise

Own all or at least some of your business.

  • Masters
  • Publishing

If you work with partners, be sure they’ll work hard and wake up ready to build with you daily.

Be distinct.

Your distinction is your diploma, even if you don’t have one.

The more you leverage yourself, the less competition you’ll have with everyone else.

There cannot be someone more authentic than the person who is.

What makes you fit out will feel fun but like work to others.

This is your advantage.

Whatever your skill or creativity, you’ll be unstoppable if you harness it and become the best.

Get so caught up in your thing that you can’t even consider doing someone else’s.

What is your time worth?

Name a price, and work to be worth it.

Create an asset today.

Let the world discover it every tomorrow after.

Wealth is the repeated reward for your work.

Be repeatable.

Build a catalog that can compound.

“Compound interest in your passions, and let compound interest turn your work into wealth.”

That’s how to get rich.

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Neil Mason

Artist Development

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