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Write so you can see what your brain is saying.

It’s easy to think you know what you think.

When you write it, you see it.

You see the clarity, the confusion, the growth, the grime.

Use your writing as a mirror.

It is a reflection of you.

The inner workings of your mind at work.

Spilling onto the written page.

Word by word.

Thought by thought.

Let it flow, and then read it.

Sometimes, you’ll be surprised by what you find.

An emotion you didn’t know you felt.

A perspective you didn’t realize you had.

A flawed belief.

A simple truth.

When you write, you never know what you might learn.

Write, read, and iterate daily.

The faster the feedback loop, the quicker the growth.

The same goes for writing melodies and chord progressions as a songwriter or artist.

The same goes for writing emails and business plans as a music industry professional.

Use mirror writing daily, and soon, you’ll be light-years ahead of your reflection.

Action item:

Take 15 minutes and write whatever is on your mind.

Don’t overthink it.

Just write.

Then, step away for an hour.

Finally, come back and see what you learn about yourself and your writing that you didn’t know before.

See you next Sunday!

Neil Mason

Artist Development

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