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Last week, we covered the infinite audience opportunities on the internet.

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Today, I want to talk through a question I’ve been asking myself recently about ticket prices and how to overdeliver value to your audience.

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“How can you match the value of a concert ticket in the first 15 minutes?”

Concert tickets are expensive.

The cost of putting on shows is also high.

The reason to book, promote, travel, and perform a show is to engage with your fans, make new ones, promote your music, and earn a living.

To accomplish all those in 3ish hours, the entire experience, both inside and outside the venue, must be memorable.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Coordinate free pre-show meet-ups for fans (If you do this right, you could cover the concert ticket price before fans even walk through the door.)
  • Do a free meet & greet before the show.
  • Take photos with fans before the show.
  • Set up a photo booth at the merch table so fans can take home a free memory.
  • Giveaway a free keepsake (something cheap that promotes the band, like a sticker, postcard, etc.)
  • Complimentary drink (involve a sponsor to help offset the cost.)
  • Play unreleased music over the PA before the show starts.
  • Play unreleased archival footage on the video screens before the show starts.
  • Host a Q&A session with the audience before.

The goal at any show should be to make fans want to return next time and leave with the feeling that they must tell their friends about their great experience.

If you overdeliver before you even hit the stage, you’re almost guaranteed to leave your audience with a memory they won’t forget.

What other ideas do you have to overdeliver to your crowd?

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Neil Mason

Artist Development

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