💡✍️ADN #083: 8 Ways To Unlock Your Writing Voice

adn083 artist development artist development newsletter songwriting voice writing writing voice Jun 23, 2024

1. Write what you’re scared to put on paper.

You fear it because it reveals what makes you unique.

2. Lean into your experiences.

No one’s experiences match yours — they’re your competitive advantage.

3. Showcase your flaws.

Imperfections are interesting.

4. Fit out.

Write what others won’t in ways others don’t.

5. Ignore writing “rules.”

The only rule is that there are no rules.

6. Practice.

You have to write to get good at writing.

7. Pay attention to others.

The first step to being unique is to know what’s not.

8. Pay attention to yourself.

You already have a unique voice — you just need to stop trying to shut it up.

Action Item: Write something this week.

Write a song, a poem, a letter, a postcard, a tweet, etc.

If you want to, send it to me.

[email protected]

See you next Sunday!


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