💡✍️ADN #055: 7 Steps To Turn Your Art Into Income

Dec 10, 2023

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Today, we will walk through the 7 phases to turn your art into income.

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So, let’s look at the 7 phases of turning your art into income.

Phase 1:

  • Idea Phase

What is this?

This is the loose idea drawn on a napkin at a bar at 2 AM.

The idea that you cannot help but jot down while you’re driving 80 miles an hour down the interstate.

Time: 1 minute

Phase 2:

  • The Mockup

This is where you sketch a rough draft.

You take your idea and workshop it into an overview you can poke holes in for phase 3.

Time: 1 day

Phase 3:

  • The Prototype

In this phase, you are getting the first version of your idea in a rough but completed form.

If this is a song, we’d call this the worktape.

If it’s album art, we’d call this version 1.0.

Time: 1 day or more

Phase 4:

  • The Demo

The demo is an example that is clear and ready to be shared with close friends and team members.

Time: 1 day — 2 weeks (depending on the product)

Phase 5:

  • The Product

This is your completed single, album, tour, merch line, fan club, etc.

The design, writing, pricing, and physical components are set.

Time: 3–12 months

Phase 6:

  • The Business

Website, online marketing strategy, product, promotion, and all other financial systems are up to date and ready to launch.

Time: 1 week — 3 months

Phase 7:

  • The Profits

Sell your product for more than it costs you to make it or to enough people that you make more than it costs you to create it.

Time: 1 day — 1 year (depending on how you handled steps 1–6.)

 — — -

Use these 7 phases to focus your attention as you work on your next project.

Track your progress with a document like this.

You can save this template by clicking “file” and then “make a copy.”

See you next Sunday!

Neil Mason

Artist Development

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