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Last week, we highlighted “On Songwriting,” a book by my friend Aaron Espe.

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Today, I want to give you a holiday gift with 5 tools to help you prepare for 2024.

Let’s go — ->

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1. Fit Out // Not In 2024 Calendar

Having a place where you can see the whole year in front of you is helpful.

This calendar does it.

Download it here

Go to the “file” tab and select “make a copy,” the calendar is yours to print.

2. Digital Whiteboard

It’s easy to get lost on where you are in a project.

With the digital whiteboard, you won’t.

I wrote about ways to use this in ADN#027.

Read it here

Download it here

Go to the “file” tab and select “make a copy,” it’s yours.

3. Track Your Touring

This template will keep you organized when your memory fails you.

Read about it here

Download it here

Go to the “file” tab and select “make a copy.

4. Capture Cheap Consistent Content

Here is a simple method.

5. Organize Your Songwriting

Here is how.

Feel free to pass these along to anyone else you think they’d be helpful.

Have a Merry Christmas!


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